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Rebuilding the clinic and patient processes with a new cloud product.

Efficient business and modern technical re-platforming. 

The company

All-inclusive online service designed to revolutionise clinic management.


Effortlessly oversee every aspect of the clinic's operations to elevate the clinic's efficiency and patient care. 

The product

A cloud platform designed for the growth of your clinic.

2022 - ongoing

CLINICUS wanted a comprehensive platform to easy manage all clinic processes and create one-on-one relationships with the patient, from reservations and patient dossiers to treatments and prescriptions. 

With the CLINICUS solution, a clinic can effortlessly oversee every aspect of its operations with a user-friendly interface and intuitive features. Seamlessly manage appointments, keep track of patient records, streamline treatments, and handle prescriptions securely—all in one centralised platform.

Start your product development with your own expert team on demand

The challenge

It is time to re-platform, scale and growth

New features and fast platform.

CLINICUS recognised the need to scale and grow, driven by its vision to provide new features and a modern, fast platform. However, they found themselves in a vendor lock-in situation, limiting their control and ability to extend their business.

With very well-defined new product requirements in place, CLINICUS sought the expertise of a partner to help extend their product and conduct a smooth migration to a new platform. They needed a seasoned and experienced partner capable of rapidly creating the new platform and making a long-term commitment.

The Solution

Turning requirements into Agile stories and smart code.

With over two decades of industry expertise, we have been at the forefront of product management and software development, driving successful product launches and growth for diverse clients. 

Maximum impact from day one.

We closely assist right from the earliest stages of the workflow design. 


By starting the process early, we significantly shorten the time to market, ensuring the product reaches the audience swiftly and with maximum impact.

Modern technical architecture.

By deeply understanding the vision and challenges, we embarked on a transformative journey.


The result: a cutting-edge technical architecture that enables phased development for swift releases and seamless continuous improvements.

Our team's expertise, coupled with a strong grasp of the goals, led us to craft a dynamic and forward-looking approach. This modern architecture serves as the foundation for achieving your objectives and staying ahead in a rapidly evolving landscape.

Empowering patients.

We have created a cutting-edge secure portal that empowers patients to take control of their health journey, putting the patient at the heart of healthcare.


Through the innovative portal, patients can easily self-manage their profiles, securely communicate with the clinic, and even request new consultations and prescriptions online. This transformative approach enhances convenience and fosters a stronger patient-clinic relationship.

Challenging mock-ups.

We engage in workshops and three-day-long interviews centered around the product idea. These collaborative sessions sparked a series of brainstorming sessions, paving the way for transformative insights.


Through this dynamic process, we delved deep into the vision, uncovering the main challenges that lie ahead. The synergy between the teams laid the groundwork for addressing these challenges head-on.

Intuitive and efficient operations.

We prioritize enhancing user experiences and optimizing internal operations. By building an intuitive user interface and efficient workflows, we have significantly reduced the time and effort required to handle patients' records and requests.

Our expert team focused on understanding the unique needs of the staff and patients, enabling us to design an interface that ensures smooth navigation and effortless interactions. This transformative approach has led to enhanced productivity and improved patient care.

Scalable and extensible.

With a focus on scalability and efficiency, we ensure that adding new features is achieved without any interruptions or impacts on the performance. 

Moreover, the service enables fast integration with external dedicated services from other healthcare providers. This seamless collaboration allows us to extend the reach and offer a comprehensive healthcare ecosystem to the patients.


M. Broerse, CEO

"We chose FaRbrix for their expertise, resilience, and unwavering commitment."

"Their dedication to reengineering our platform within just 6 months, while incorporating new features, was truly impressive. They understood our desire to foster an efficient and intuitive one-to-one relationship with our patients, and from the initial wireframes, their expertise transformed our vision into a comprehensive all-in-one platform."

Start your product development with your own expert team on demand

  • What makes you unique among custom software development companies?
    Because of our background in creating and monetizing our own products, we can offer you much richer business value that stems from a broader understanding of your circumstances. We know perfectly well how important it is to make business–centered decisions and that in some cases, compromises are inevitable in order to reflect your business goals. That’s what gives us a competitive advantage. With us, you can create a software solution that prioritizes your business growth.
  • What’s your experience as a custom software development company?
    We have 20+ years of experience in developing successful products for eCommerce, and Fintech customers. We have led the entire lifecycle of many digital products, from idea and concept until launch and optimization.
  • What are the costs of customized software development?
    The project cost of custom software development depends on many factors, including: — type and complexity of the development, — complexity of UX/UI design, — the size of the development team, — the software development outsourcing model. Because of that, we prefer to estimate the cost of custom software individually after discussing the overall scope of the project. If you’d like to learn more about estimation and general prices all over the world, feel free to contact us via our contact form.
  • How do you ensure the efficiency of the development process?
    The most important parts of the development process are planning, research, risk management, and quality control. Once the fundamentals are laid, everything else follows smoothly. Planning Good planning is essential in order to deliver software that really makes an impact. Only by dissecting the main idea into a set of business values and ensuring that it’s the perfect market–fit can you be sure that your custom software will achieve success. Research How do we know your software solution will prosper? By constantly evaluating its value by the end–users, which we hold in the highest regard; after all, the product’s success will depend on their reception. And of course, we thoroughly research the competition, industry, and the target audience. Risk management We like to be prepared for any scenario. We do our best to deal with the potential problems before they manage to appear, based on our knowledge, experience, and research. Quality control Quality control starts right off the bat, so that our code quality can stay at its highest level. We test our from top to bottom on every stage of development so as to not let any bug slip.
  • How do you uphold the standards of the software development cycle?
    Our software engineers follow only the best of development methodologies best suited for specific projects. Most commonly we use Agile and its two famous frameworks, Scrum and Kanban, to stay as flexible as possible, deliver real results fast, and to constantly evaluate our efforts. Moreover, we encourage all of our team members to raise their qualifications and follow only the best practices recognized globally.
  • Can you take over an already-started software project?
    While this can lead to issues due to technical debt left by the previous team, we love handling a challenge. We’ve succeeded in saving countless projects from certain doom and doing what other companies deemed impossible.
  • What existing software do you use for project/product management?
    Our internal team uses the most commonly used tools across the globe. For project management, we use Jira, Miro, Asana, and Trello, for communication we use Slack, and we’re also dependent on Google Suite. Of course, if the project’s specifications require using another tool or software, we’re open to new possibilities.
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